Mission Statement

The Library’s purpose is to provide and promote a collection that satisfies and stimulates informational, recreational, and cultural needs from the age of earliest word and picture awareness through the senior years. It exists to serve the citizens of Talladega County. The word “citizens” refers to individuals of any age, economic or educational level, occupation, philosophy, or ethnic origin.

Recognizing that it cannot provide all services, the Library undertakes to fill the following roles: community information center, formal education support center, popular materials center, preschoolers’ door to learning and reference library. To this end, it shall strive toward the following goals:

To serve the community as a reliable source of information

To assemble, preserve, and administer the best in books and other library
materials in order to promote an enlightened citizenship and enrich personal lives.

To initiate activities which will encourage the most effective use of these materials.

To provide opportunity and encouragement for life-long education for people of all ages.

To cooperate with educational, civic, and cultural groups and organizations whose aims are compatible with those of the Library.