Charges for Service

In accordance with the Standards for Public Libraries in Alabama, services are provided free of charge with the following exceptions:

replacement of lost library cards
out-of-county cards
photocopies, microfilm/fiche or computer printing
FAX service
overdue materials
replacement of damaged or lost materials

Borrowing Privileges

Persons living in the county (residents) and persons working inside the City Limits of Talladega.

Eligibility requirements for residents and persons working inside the City of Talladega:
An adult borrower’s card may be issued to any full-time resident of the county aged 18 years or older; or a person working inside the City of Talladega. Juvenile cards may be issued to children under 18, and are over the age of 5 yrs old, and who are old enough to print or sign their name on the application; parent/guardian or family member over the age of 18 with state issued picture ID must also sign and be made aware they will be responsible for the child’s books. Cards are free and are valid for one year. Upon expiration, they may be re-validated in person by verifying eligibility information and paying all fines or fees incurred. Replacement of all lost cards is $7.50.

Persons living out of the county (non-residents)
Eligibility requirements:
Borrower’s cards may be issued to non-residents over age 18 who fall into one of the following categories:
temporary residents (including students)

a resident of adjacent counties who regularly do business in the county.

*Cards are issued for an annual fee of $35 and are valid for one year. They may be revalidated by paying the annual fee, any outstanding fines or fees, and verifying eligibility information.

Replacement of Cards

A replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged for lost cards. A replacement fee will not be charged for cards damaged due to normal wear and tear.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines of 10 cents per item per day will be charged, based on a six-day week.

Maximum overdue fine shall not exceed the price of the book or $20 whichever is less.

A book return is provided at the Astrid Place entrance so that materials can be returned when the library is closed.

Lost or Damaged Items

A borrower is responsible for all materials on his/her card. He/she shall notify the library immediately when items have been lost, stolen, or damaged. Overdue fines will accrue until the material is returned or replacement cost paid. When replacement costs are paid, an overdue fine will not also be charged. A receipt will be issued when payment is made.

Current replacement price shall be charged for lost or damaged items. If an item is no longer available, the charges will be as follows:

hardback or audio book: $35.00 or original price if higher
paperback book: $10.00 or original price if higher

If a patron finds and returns lost material before the item has been replaced, the replacement fee may be refunded less the overdue fine accrued. Refunds will not be made without presentation of the receipt issued by the library or the patron’s canceled check.


Photocopy service is available. Patrons should request staff assistance prior to making copies in order to obtain the highest quality copies. No checks will be accepted without a valid borrower’s card. Black on only copies and computer printouts are 20 cents per page. Color copies are 50 cents a page.

FAX Service

Both incoming and outgoing FAX services are available to the public. The fee for FAX services is as follows: $1.00 per page outgoing and 25 cents per page incoming.

Meeting Room Use

The Library has two large meeting rooms which will accommodate approximately two hundred people per room. Both are non-smoking areas. They are available during normal library hours on a first-come first-served basis by prior registration. If it is necessary to hold a meeting outside of normal library hours, a library staff member MUST be present until the meeting adjourns. The group or person responsible for this meeting will have to agree to pay the library staff member a $50 fee for remaining after hours to oversee the correct and safe closing of the library facilities. They may not be used for religious or political meetings, private parties, or meetings to promote commercial interests. An adult must be in charge at all times; this individual agrees to assume responsibility for any damages. If refreshments are to be served a refundable deposit of $100 will be required. Use is scheduled through the Director.


A $100 refundable deposit is required.

Refreshments may be served.

A facility is now available for cooking, preparing, or storing food or drinks.

A 10-cup coffeemaker and a large coffee urn are available. Be sure to empty and clean thoroughly after use.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

Please clean up any spills promptly to avoid staining carpet or furniture.

Supplies in the cabinets are for library programs, not for use by others.